The SmartHRM Wi-Fi Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is a new heart rate monitor to link directly and wirelessly to the iPhone and iPad. Designed for runners, cyclists and anyone interested in fitness, the monitor makes it easy for users to track their heart rate, distance, pace and other metrics on their iPhone.

The monitor requires no adapter, no pairing and features automatic connectivity with the iDevice and automatic upload of a user’s workout. The SmartHRM Wi-Fi monitor works with the iPad and iPhone 3, 3G, 4, and 4S, using Wi-Fi connectivity between the monitor and the iPhone.

Working with compatible fitness apps, the monitor lets users track heart rate, as well as pace, distance and other variables. Current apps include SportyPal, CardioMapper and SmartHRM Wi-Fi Fitness.

The SmartHRM Wi-Fi Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is available for US$129 at SmartHF online ( Other features include a rechargeable battery (six hours/charge) and one-year warranty.