Funkitron has announced the immediate availability of Solitaire Kingdom Supreme for the iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC.

The iPhone/iPod touch/iPad version is available at the Apple App Store for US$0.99. The Mac version is available at the Mac App Store for the same price.

“We are huge Solitaire fans here at Funkitron, but we always thought that the game needed a bit more fun and excitement added to it,” says David Walls, president of Funkitron. “So we decided to reinvent Solitaire by creating new features like Kingdom Cards which make the game much more fun to play. For example, Griffin guarantees you a great deal. Hero rescues the card you need from wherever it is trapped. Thief steals aces from wherever they are hidden. These and many more Kingdom Cards really add up to a brand new Solitaire experience that is totally fun and addictive.”