Mugginsoft has released KosmicTask (, an integrated scripting environment for Mac OS X that enables users to create, edit, execute and share script based tasks over a network using a range of scripting languages. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Pricing starts at US$69.99 for a two-user license.

Featuring an iTunes-like user interface the application is designed for both standalone and distributed task based solutions. Over 100 sample tasks are included and demonstrate functionality that includes general administration, file processing and automation.

With KosmicTask users can browse and search the network for services that match their requirements and take advantage of an user interface that features multi-tasking via task tabs, flexible task result handling, a history facility and detachable task windows. The application features a range of input types. In addition to its task execution and sharing capabilities KosmicTask includes a complete script development and testing environment.