Green and Slimy have released Sketchoo, new digital paint and drawing software for Mac OS X (10.6 and higher). It costs US$29.99 and is available at the Mac App Store.

Sketchoo features a tool palette that include a pencil, paintbrush, airbrush, calligraphy pen, eraser and controls for brush size and opacity. It’s designed for all artists, illustrators and manga and comic creators. The software’s innovated and intuitive full-screen interface doesn’t distract the artist with tool pallets, which allows for uninterrupted creative expression.

Over 50 images are included for use by beginners and hobbyists to learn and create artwork. Two different sizes of grid patterns can be used as drawing aids with or without the templates. A built-in camera/portrait feature allows the user to take a photo and then draw over the photo.

With Sketchoo, the digital artist can share selections or a whole illustration with others via Facebook, Flickr or Mail. Sketchoo also supports undo and redo, has an “autosave” feature and the ability to zoom in and out of an image for detailing. The “fast wipe” option allows the artist to clean their canvas so that they can continue creating artwork without interruption.