The member companies of the Enterprise Device Alliance (EDA) have announced their support for Apple’s iOS 5 in enterprise environments. The member companies are committed to providing support for iPhones and iPads that use iOS 5 in enterprise and business deployments with a Windows IT infrastructure.

Enterprise-class organizations can now use solutions from the members of the Enterprise Device Alliance ( to leverage their Microsoft Windows IT environments to provide file access to iOS devices. Alliance members include Absolute Software, Group Logic, and Web Help Dek.

“The pervasive use of iPhones and the emerging adoption of iPads in large organizations means that IT administrators need to be able to secure and manage the devices while still helping their users get services,” says T. Reid Lewis, president of the Enterprise Device Alliance. “The Alliance members provide solutions that help IT management leverage their current expertise and infrastructure to streamline the deployment, integration, and management of Apple’s popular mobile devices in the enterprise environment.”

In a recent survey conducted by the Alliance, IT administrators asserted that over 80% of large organizations are deploying or piloting iPads. The inevitability of widespread adoption of iOS devices has these administrators concerned about security and management. (See link to the survey results.)