Uncomplex has introduced Replies 1.0 for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher), an email app designed especially to assist users in handling customer support emails. You can download it here (http://repliesapp.com/download); registration is US$79.95. A 30-day demo is available.

Replies features reusable text snippets, prioritization of incoming requests, pending and resolved message tracking, threaded email messages and responses, and a 15-second delay on all outgoing emails. It organizes all messages into conversations, and groups all related messages together.

Replies incorporates the email browser style found in the iOS Mail app. A thin column on the left holds icons for Inbox, Outbox, Pending, and Resolved, plus folders within each box. The next thin column contains a scrolling list of emails, where each item is displayed in five lines of text, including the sender, subject, date, and beginning text of the message. The third and final column is wide, about two-thirds of the window, and displays the email’s text and graphics in their entirety.