Cross Culture has released the 4.2 update to Mergemill Pro for Mac OS X. The release is purportedly more powerful and can complete its tasks up to 100-times faster.

Mergemill Pro takes diverse sources of data — such as databases, web pages, e-mails and more — and merges them with templates to produce the desired output, from web pages to customized e-mails. The program features data-processing capabilities such as data filters, multi-level data sorting, BASIC scripting, and multiple search-and-replace actions.

Mergemill Pro supports Unicode and other text encodings, and has project scheduling and auto-run functionality. Users can control output in templates through scripting with tags for content insertion, arithmetic expressions, looping, branching, statistic calculations and for marking text blocks for variable assignment or special output actions.

Mergemill Pro 4.0.1 is available for Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It can be purchased online from Cross Culture’s website ( for the retail price of US$99 (USD). The update is free for registered users of all previous versions.