Kaspersky Lab, a developer of secure content and threat management solutions, is says Kaspersky Virus Scanner, a new and lightweight application to secure Mac computers, is now available at the Mac App Store for US9.99.

Kaspersky Virus Scanner detects and removes both Mac and Windows-based malware that may be hiding on machines. This ensures Mac users will not inadvertently store or spread Windows and Linux malware to other computers on their home network, or using shared storage, according to the folks at Kaspersky Lab. 
When running an on-demand scan, the software will automatically update itself with the newest malware databases to identify and eliminate any emerging threats. When not in use, Kaspersky Virus Scanner purportedly won’t impinge on the Mac’s system performance.
It has a multilingual interface that supports English, German or French. Kaspersky Virus Scanner is sold with a life long license in all European countries, so no annual renewal is required.