MD Studio, in conjunction with Vasilek Games, has introduced Bato Treasures of Tibet, new gaming title for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher). It’s available at the Mac App Store for US$3.99.

Here’s how the game is described: “This is a modern embodiment of the ancient oriental game, in something like the billiards. Do you like to travel and solve the puzzles? Join a young master of an ancient Tibetan game as he leaves for treasure-hunting across the wild lands.

“Bato offers over 70 levels of relaxing arcade challenges. The goal: eliminate all of the stones from the game board. The means by which this is accomplished: clicking and sliding identically colored stones into each other. Aim and slide one stone into another, eliminate multiple stones for bonus points and pull off extraordinary bank shots for an even higher score! Ten bonus items add an extra layer of fun and complexity to the gameplay. Can you earn the highest ranking on each level as you follow a young man on his journey to enlightenment?”