ObjectiveSheep has released Pins, a bookmarks library for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher). It’s available for US$19.99 at the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

Pins lets users keep all their bookmarks in one place. It’s organized, taggable, searchable, syncable and shareable. Bookmarks can be added with a single click from within any browser. When adding bookmarks, visual previews are automatically fetched in the background.

Users can add folders and tags to categorize their bookmarks. Bookmarks can be added with a single click from within any browser (extensions are available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox as well as a bookmarklet for Camino, Opera, etc.). Every bookmark can be annotated with a memo. Pin’s search feature lets users find bookmarks by matching the search string in title, address and notes.

An online free sync functionality will let users keep their bookmarks aligned across multiple computers. On top of that single folders can also be shared as files and given to friends and family for importing (by double clicking on the file) in their libraries.

Bookmarks can be imported from any browser that exports in standard HTML format. They can also be imported from Delicious.