Morgan Stanley ( — financial advisor to companies, governments and investors from around the world — has reported the results of a survey of 1,553 consumers in 16 cities that suggests that Apple is the best positioned of all computer manufacturers to capitalize on the boom, notes “Fortune.”

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty notes that:

° Chinese consumers currently spend an average of $600 for their computers (the same as Americans).

° Half plan to buy a new computer within the next two years, and they expect to spend 6% more for it.

° Apple is rated as the most desirable computer brand. Asked which brand of computer their next computer would be, 21% of Chinese consumer chose Apple.

° The enterprise market in China favors Apple and Dell.

° Sixty-eight percent of respondents plan on the iPad as their next tablet purchase, while 65% of tablet owners currently have one.

° Forty percent of respondents says the iPhone will be their next device.

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