Qmadix has announced the USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit  that provides 20W (4.2 amps) of power and allows users to simultaneously charge two separate iPads.

The vehicle charging kit includes a USB Twin Tablet Charging Hub made from heat resistant polycarbonate and offers advanced smart circuitry to prevent overheating, according to Greg Keushgerian, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Qmadix. Each port delivers 2.1 amps of power to properly charge your Apple device.  The kit includes a USB Charging-Data Sync Cable featuring the approved 30-pin connector made for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit is available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$39.99. It will be offered at retailers such as hhgregg, Fry’s Electronics, Micro-Center, Macmall.com and Qmadix.com.