Selectsoft has introduced Dynasty of Egypt 1.0, a match-3 game for Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. It costs US$4.99 and is available at the Mac App Store.

Here’s how Dynasty of Egypt is described: “Enjoy explosive sphere shooter action during the Age of the Pyramids. Use your powerful stone shooter to destroy the Spheres of Divination before they disappear deep within the earth. Switch between shooters & rotate your angle of attack, as you blaze through over 1,000 levels of exciting action/puzzle fun, filled with magic power-ups, twisting paths & more.

“The fun gameplay combines match-3 strategy with arcade-style shooting as players try to blast the colorful spheres descending along a twisting path. Rotate your shooters to adjust your aim and switch between shooters to choose the best location to launch your attack. Capture amazing power-ups including lasers, bombs, ball-eater and more to help you clear the board before the spheres vanish beneath the ground. Test your skills as the pathway fills and the targets get trickier to hit. Dynasty of Egypt features classic gameplay enhanced by easy-to-use controls and lots of twists and turns.”