In a new study ( Forrester Research says it’s time for IT in the enterprise to support Macs.

That’s pretty shocking as Forrester has long been “the voice of Windows in the enterprise,” notes “Fortune” ( However, Forrester’s new study fins that Mac users are more productive and, in face, “Mac users are your heroes and you should enable them, not hinder them.”

“Mac users are drinking furniture polish in back hallways, getting their fix from fellow bootleggers who have blazed the trails around IT’s prohibition,” writes David K. Johnson for Forrester Research in an introduction to their study. “End user computing professionals steeped in two decades of Microsoft management traditions are either prohibiting Macs on the company network or limiting their support to executives only. It’s time to repeal prohibition and take decisive action. This document is the first in a collection in which we’ll introduce you to a new class of Mac users, explain why they matter to the business, and share how other firms successfully managing Macs are doing it. Later, we will explain the management tools available and drill into the specific technology approaches for managing Macs in a PC environment.”