A Milan, Italy court hearing on Samsung’s request to block the iPhone 4S on patent infringement claims was adjourned to Dec. 16 by Judge Marina Tavassi, reports “Bloomberg” (http://macte.ch/inAQF).

Samsung is seeking to ban sales of Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone 4S, in Italy and France, saying the product infringes the company’s patents related to wireless communications technology. Adriano Vanzetti, a lawyer for Samsung, requested time to examine and respond to the “voluminous documentation” presented by Apple, Vanzetti and Apple lawyer Giuseppe Sena said after the hearing, notes “Bloomberg.”

Apple will then have time to respond to Samsung’s filing. The iPhone 4S is set to go on sale in Italy on Oct. 28.

Samsung has also sought injunctions against the sale of the iPad 2 and the previous generation iPhone 4 in Japan. Samsung claims Apple’s products infringe its patents covering wireless communications and user-interface technologies.

Meanwhile, Apple in September said in a Hague court hearing that Samsung is holding them “hostage” by asking for 2.4% on each 3G chip used in the iPad and iPhone. Samsung is deliberately misusing both the royalty rate and the responsibility for its payment to try and oppose its lawsuit, says Apple.

— Dennis Sellers