Lightworks ( has released Lightworks Artisan for the Mac. The software offers a new approach and tools for the creation of images of a virtual product or building while it’ss still being designed.

Lightworks Artisan provides customers with a complete and ready-to-deliver solution that can be simply integrated within their CAD application just by creating a “bridge,” according to Dave Forrester, managing director at Lightworks. The software provides pre-configured workflows and applications, using drag, drop and render styles.

Lightworks Artisan can be integrated directly within your existing CAD system. Users can save Snapshots of the current scene at any stage of the design process.  These Snapshots contain the materials, lighting, schemes, backgrounds and camera view settings and are stored alongside the model file, and may be re-applied at any time within Artisan.  This means the user can return to a saved position after trying a number of alternatives.

Lightworks Artisan comes complete with a library of content that can be simply added onto your model. Additional content can also be downloaded from Lightworks Aspects, Lightworks’ Digital Asset Library. Contact Lightworks for pricing options.