CS Odessa (http://www.conceptdraw.com) has released a new solution in the ConceptDraw Solution Park for individuals whose work revolves around presentations.

The ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange Solution can purportedly import a PowerPoint presentation in an instant. You can view the entire presentation’s content from a single view point. You can drill down to any level and reorganize content so that it best suits you.

Extracted presentation content is displayed graphically. Notes that were in the PowerPoint presentation are included in the note area of each topic. With the data extracted at this level, you can add to the information to make it more meaningful for you and your organization. You can hyperlink a particular topic to a web site or a selected document to add additional detail, or insert additional topics that clarify and expand upon the information contained in the presentation. You can even embed documents into your ConceptDraw MindMap to add more content.

Also with the ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange solution, not only can PowerPoint presentations be imported into ConceptDraw MindMap but you can also take content you’ve generated in a mind map and then output that to a PowerPoint presentation.