MAGI, MoaCube’s indie strategy game about wizard duels, has come to Mac OS X and is available ( at a discounted price of US$5.95 (down from $15.95).

Here’s how the game is described: “It’s an unique strategy game, where the player takes their chosen wizard through a series of magic battles, in order to gain more power and spells to devise a winning tactic for the inevitable final battle with the Death.

“Instead of relying on cutting-edge 3D graphics and hours of cutscenes, MAGI uses  simple and focused design, careful balance, and more than a pinch of good old challenge. The game is hard. In order to win, players need to make the best use of the available spells, character skills and their strategic wit. The final battle with the Death is particularly hard, and if you haven’t gained enough power in the preceding duels, it might be nigh impossible to win. It’s harsh, but it also makes MAGI an intense and very addictive experience, with that certain “just one more battle” factor to it.”