Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Marvel Apps has announced iMarksman 1.0 for iOS, a tool for sharp shooters and recreational shooters alike. It uses the iPhone camera to calculate ring score and average group radius of a shooters round on a target. iMarksman features menu driven instructions and Game Center integration. iMarksman 1.0 is free for download for up to five targets with the ability to purchase unlimited targets at an introductory price of US$0.99.

Mohawk Valley GIS has released Biking Central Adirondack Region for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The $7.99 app provides information about bike trails, along with maps, locations of campgrounds and lean-tos, as well as that of local businesses, attractions, eateries and lodging.

Brandon Abbott has unveiled StarCam 1.0 for iOS devices. The $0.99 app’s advanced photo technology lets you fake a photo with over 20 different celebrities.

Django Ltd. has introduced “JUST!!! DX”, a $0.99 iPhone/iPad application that tests the accuracy of your internal body clock.

Native Instruments has launched iMaschine, a $4.99 groove creation app for the iPhone and iPod touch. With four tracks, real-time sampling and loop recording, a range of classic drum machine features, high-quality effects and an expandable arsenal of studio-grade drum and instrument sounds, iMaschine allows users to sketch out distinctive grooves on the go.

iDevelopersLab has debuted Camera Z for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4/4S. The app is a “tool belt for your camera that gives you more options to take better pictures than ever before.” It costs $4.99 for the iPad version and $0.99 for the iPhone version.

Creanncy has served up Camera Style Pro for iPad 2. It’s a photo editor and advanced camera in one $4.99 app.

Along the same lines, KenigArt has rolled out PhotoEdit+ for iPad 2. It’s a $2.99 “all-in-one” photo editor.”

Wesave is a new, $0.99 app that lets users to share the best available offers in an area with other users, to control how much they save via these offers and to see how much they help others save.

ComicBooth Vol.1 ($2.99) is the first of the ComicBooth series by CobbySoft Media Inc. Comics as a real mass medium started to emerge in the United States in the early 20th century with the newspaper comic strip. Today, comics are found in newspapers, magazines, comic books, graphic novels and on the web. Since most of us don’t have the talent to be a comic artist, ComicBooth app for iPhone is designed to interpret the luminance of an object and build an image with comic book effect.

Zombies Lick My Screen has shambled out from Peghole. Tap the screen of the free app and one of the four zombies will lick away whatever you have displayed.