Enterprise IP video specialist VBrick Systems (http://www.vbrick.com) has announced enhancements to its comprehensive Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) platform.

The H.264 Distributed Media Engine (DME) ensures efficient distribution of live and on-demand streaming video content to diverse endpoints, across dispersed locations, according to VBrick Chief Operating Officer John Shaw. The DME’s Release 2.0 software can now transform and redistribute virtually any H.264 video stream, creating multiple streams of multiple video formats — simplifying video delivery to more users and their vast array of devices, he adds.

VBrick’s DME is the networking element of the VBrick Enterprise Video Architecture (VEVA), which spans video capture, distribution, play-out and overall video content management. The DME can be deployed at the edge of a network while being managed centrally by VBrick’s VEMS Mystro media management portal.

As the networking element, DME 2.0 delivers support for the latest video standards including HLS (aka Apple Adaptive), Flash, Smooth Streaming & Transport Stream. The latter, along with sophisticated KLV metadata, enables delivery of video that includes telemetry data required for security and defense applications, says Shaw.