Uncanny Games’ OIO is now available at the Macgamestore (http://www.macgamestore.com). It costs US$9.95.

Here’s how the game is described: “OIO is a platformer game where you have to grow wood elements to solve various puzzles and situations. The player controls OIO, a little wooden character, who can grow wooden beams by throwing special seeds on fertile grounds. As he wakes up in a strange universe made of wood, OIO finds that all his wooden companions are petrified.

“Being left alone in this gigantic place, he will embark for a journey that will help him understand what happened to his people. He will retrace the history of the wood civilization and how the steel changed everything in the run to more power and technology. To understand why he is now alone, OIO progress through various levels and environments.

“OIO’s power can be used in different ways, mixing classic platform gameplay and puzzle situations.He is able to combine up to three wooden beams at the same time. He will use them to climb cliffs, jump higher, solve puzzles and control the fire propagation.”