Apple trails behind Samsung in India’s fledgling tablet market, according to the CyberMedia research group (, as reported by “Computerworld” (

Samsung had a 45.8% share of the country’s 158,000 media tablets in the nine months ended June 30, according to CyberMedia Research. The company was the first to launch its tablets in the market in October last year, starting with the Galaxy Tab 7.

Apple was a relatively later entrant in January this year, and has garnered 18.4% share, according to CyberMedia. Research In Motion’s PlayBook had a 21% share. CyberMedia reports shipments by vendors to distributors.
Apple’s prospects in India are likely to remain more or less the same through the year, according to market research firm Gartner ( The iPad is expected to have about 25% to 30% share of the approximately 200,000 tablets shipped to users during this year, Vishal Tripathi, principal research analyst at Gartner, told “Computerworld.”