Griffin Technology has released the MultiDock for iOS devices. Targeted to educators, healthcare professionals, sales executives and others, it lets you store and charge multiple iPads, iPhones and/or iPod touches.

MultiDock’s power supply delivers full-rate charging to each of its 10 charge bays. The steel enclosure has a minimal footprint (less than that of a laptop).

To use slide the iPad, iPhone, or iPod into one of MultiDock’s bays, connect the included dock cable, and MultiDock charges all connected devices simultaneously. Using the included USB cable, syncing with a host computer is enabled, but isn’t required after the initial set-up.

MultiDock’s separation of the charge and sync functions allows it to deliver full-rate charging to all attached devices simultaneously as it affords IT managers increased control over content on the attached devices, according to Griffin President Mark Rowan. There’s no need to remove the devices from their cases; MultiDock bays are sized to accommodate most Griffin cases.

MultiDock can be ordered to accommodate 10, 20, or 30 iPads at prices ranging from US$699.99 to $1799.99. As iOS deployment grows, it is easy to add capacity as desired. Up to three MultiDocks can be linked and synced at once using the provided USB hub that connects to the Mac host computer via a single USB connection. The MultiDock is now available for purchase at .