Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

“With reports circling that Apple’s next iPhone is due to launch on October 14th, BGR has received new information from a trusted AT&T source that seems to confirm a mid-October launch. AT&T has started to block all employee vacation requests for the first two weeks of October in order to have ‘all hands on deck’.” — “BGR” (

“While Apple has received considerable publicity for its push to open dozens of new retail stores over the last three months, the company has also been renovating a number of its stores to bring them up to the latest designs. Most of these straightforward renovations result in the stores being closed for about a week, during which time they are boarded up with Apple’s standard black construction barriers and posted with notices directing customers to either the closest alternative store location or to Apple’s website for information on locations.” — “MacRumors” (

“Facebook will launch its long-awaited iPad app at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event on Oct. 4.” — “Mashable” (

“Apple’s ‘let’s talk’ invitation to next week’s next-generation iPhone unveiling could hint at new voice recognition technology built in to iOS 5, investment firm Piper Jaffray believes, though it does not expect a low-end, contract-free ‘Phone 4S’ to be unveiled alongside a fifth-generation model.” — Dennis Sellers

“A new report is suggesting that the iPhone 5, or indeed the the iPhone 4S, could be launching in several countries including the United States, The United Kingdom, Japan, France and Germany. The report comes via Japanese Web Site Macotakara which is suggesting that the October 14th date will be when the new device is made available to the public.” — “AppleBitch” (