Site statistics from CouponCoes (, a discount website, have revealed the difference in popularity between Apple’s iPad and the BlackBerry Playbook, as searches for the Playbook totaled less than half those for the iPad during the month after its release.
The site statistics were collated as part of research into the competitive world of technology. On-site searches during the month after the release of each tablet computer were compared in order to find out the difference in popularity between Apple’s device and the latest offering from RIM.
Searches for the iPad totaled more in the first day than the Playbook did in the first two weeks. Searches for other tablet computers, such as the Samsung Galaxy, were also higher than those for the Playbook within the same timeframe.
CouponCodes4u also commissioned a survey in order to try and find out why the Playbook wasn’t as popular as the iPad. The survey polled 1,987 site users from across the USA.
Respondents were initially asked if they had purchased a tablet computer, to which 13% said “yes.” They were then asked to specify which tablet computer they had bought, to which the majority: 62% said the iPad 2, 21% said they owned a Samsung Galaxy, while just 7% said they had purchased a Blackberry Playbook.
“It’s quite surprising to find out that there was such a big difference in the number of searches for the two different tablet computers,” says Mark Pearson, chairman of CouponCodes4u. While iPhone and Blackberry phone handsets both remain popular, there is quite an obvious divide when it comes to the tablet computers. To find out that customers prefer other tablet computer brands, such as the Samsung Galaxy, over the Playbook is also quite interesting. Looking at the popularity after the launching of both side by side, you can see just how far in front of the pack Apple is.”