iWatchz (http://www.iwatchz.com/collections/vintage-collection), a developer of iPod nano watch bands, has released two new leather iPod nano watch band collections. The bands are US$79.95 each.

The new Vintage and Nappa Collections by iWatchz provide more options for iPod nano-using, leather watch enthusiasts to turn their Apple device into a nano watch. They offer bands offer stainless steel buckles and hardware with quick release pins for interchangeable bands, access to all iPod buttons and connectors, and fit wrist sizes from 6.5 inches to 8.25 inches.

According to the folks at iWatchz, the Nappa Collection iPod nano watch bands combine the soft feel and sturdiness of Nappa leather, with the lightweight matte silver anodized aluminum iWatchz clip. There are eight fashion forward colors to choose from in the Nappa Collection, including both neutrals and brights.

The Vintage Collection nano watch bands feature soft-touch, aged-leather and the patented stainless steel iWatchz nano clip system, according to the gang at iWatchz. Three color choices are available, which include black, dark brown and light brown.