fuse (http://www.fuseplusyou.com) has debuted the US$49.99 PowerSlice Charging Station bundle, which includes two iPod/iPhone-compatible charging Slices within the package.

The new bundle allows consumers to charge up to four electronic devices at once (including three iPods and/or iPhones) via the universal charging base and included pie-shaped “Slices,” each of which contains a charging tip. The Slices are interchangeable.

Other Slices can be purchased separately to charge smartphones, digital cameras and handheld gaming systems. The built-in USB 2.0 port on the base station also allows for charging of a fourth device, such as an e-reader or Bluetooth headset.

The PowerSlice includes an on/off switch so users can control when devices are charging, eliminating unneeded energy use. It features a UL-rated plug for added safety and protection, says Ken Eisenbraun, president of fuse parent company, foneGEAR.