FelixDev has released FileAngel 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.6 and greater. It offers a Finder-like interface for displaying deleted files and the functionality to undelete files in a variety of circumstances.

From basic mistakes such as accidentally emptying the trash to the recovery of erased files from freshly formatted disks, it also provides data recovery from most filesystem types. FileAngel works on digital cameras, phones, and disks formatted for most operating systems. Additionally, it has the option to search only in free space on Macintosh formatted disks.

FileAngel offers an automatic icon preview of the deleted files built in, allowing the user to see the deleted files contents before performing the data recovery. It opens your device in Read Only mode and searches for remnants of file contents.

A free trial of the product is available from the FelixDev web site (http://www.felixdev.com/) that allows previews of the deleted files it finds. FileAngel costs US$99 for the standard license and $399 for a 10-user license for professional use.