Another successful iPad deployment has been announced, this one at the University of Northern Kentucky ( They are one of the few Masters programs in the U.S. that are using all iPads for their courses.

Incoming students in the Northern Kentucky University Master of Science in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change (ELOC) program this fall will be the first cohort group (and NKU students) to receive iPads for use in the classroom. 

The move is part of NKU’s continued efforts to provide emerging mobile technologies that accommodate student expectations related to an anytime, anyplace teaching-learning process.

”Forward-thinking schools are focusing on e-learning,” says Dr. Kenneth Rhee, director of the ELOC program within NKU’s Department of Management. “We want to be at the front edge. There is a lot of potential for what this can do.”

Each iPad, which is included in the ELOC program tuition, will be pre-loaded with program materials including resources created by the NKU Office of Information Technology such as iNKU (NKU’s mobile app), enhanced collaboration applications and applications that can be used as supplemental study aids.

”We hope our students incorporate this new technology not only into their school lives but also into their work and personal lives,” says Dr. Tracey Sigler, chair and associate professor of management. “It is all about adaptability.”

The NKU Office of Information Technology is working with the ELOC program to create customized applications that can be used in its program, and applications that can be leveraged for the rest of the university.

“We are supporting iPads to facilitate the learning experience in and out of the classroom,” said Tim Ferguson, NKU CIO. “Students want the ability to access materials anytime, anywhere. These applications will enhance faculty and student interactions as well as students’ interactions with one another, and students’ options for studying, taking notes and more.”

The ELOC program’s use of the iPad also aligns with NKU green initiatives.

“We used to print out handouts. Now, students can use their iPads,” says Rhee. “It is a paradigm shifter.”

The Master of Science in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change program in the Department of Management in the NKU Haile/US Bank College of Business prepares students to become effective transformational leaders. The program is based on the latest adult learning framework of ACT action learning with a focus on competency-development, and working in a team-based classroom environment. Visit for more information.

— Dennis Sellers