A new OS X Lion training video series from Infinite Skills features 110 introductory lessons on OS X 10.7 (“Lion”). With 6.75 hours of training, the course covers everything from initial upgrade installation to newly available workflows and automation.

The example-based lessons are narrated by Andy Anderson, an author and trainer who has conducted training sessions for Disney and the White House. The lessons included in the Lion training course first focus on installation, offering specific guidance to users upgrading from OS X Snow Leopard or trying to migrate their previous data and settings onto a new machine.

Next, Anderson helps viewers use the Finder, the centerpiece of file navigation and management in the Apple environment. The course continues through launching applications using the dock and Lion launch pad, using the OS X Dashboard and widgets, searching system files and content with Spotlight, customizing overall system settings and more. These fundamentals-focused tutorials are targeted specifically toward users with little experience using the Mac operating system.

The next chapters in the training explore new features and controls specific to Lion. Anderson shows users how to get hands-on with gestures, the trackpad-based shortcuts that provide physical control over common system commands. Throughout the course, viewers will also learn network configuration, web browsing and email using the new versions of Safari and Mail, multimedia playback, tips for using Automator and Terminal and more.

The complete Mac OSX Lion Training Video Course is available in two formats: as a hardcopy edition on DVD-ROM and a digital download containing all content issued on the DVD. Both versions retail for US$99.95 and are available directly from the Infinite Skills website (http://macte.ch/IVxb4). A complete index of tutorial topics and 14 free demo lessons can be found on the OS X Lion training product page.