Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Hamrick Software has announced VueScan Mobile for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The US$9.99 allows you to scan documents and photos straight to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from any HP, Canon or Epson WiFi printer/scanner. 

KenigArt has released Camera PRO++. Fully optimized for the iPad 2, the $0.99 app sports a HD interface with advanced photo optimization math algorithms and effects. Camera PRO++ includes 10 photo effects. You can make optimized photos directly from the application or load any image from the Photo library/album.

Learn2Make has introduced Dollar Origami+ 1.0 on the iOS. Available for $1.99 for a limited time, it shows you how to fold dollar bills into a duck, a heart, a butterfly, a sShirt and pants, a ring and an Angel Fish. Animations are broken up into small animated steps showing one fold at a time.

Dmytro Denys has launched Bioritmus for iOS devices. It’s a $0.99 program for viewing your biorhythms. All you need to know “the higher the better” and “that lower the worse.” The middle line on graph is neutral biorhythm condition. You can add relatives and friends to the program.

Minimega has debuted Pot Smash 1.0 for iOS devices. It’s a $0.99 casual game based on the fact that we all love smashing stuff. The game uses visual scanning, word skills and quick reactions to crack and smash pots.

Schogini Systems has created Pre School 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In the $0.99 game, children learn sequencing, comparison, colors, shapes, pattern matching, problem solving and thinking skills.

Badboi Creations has developed Cuban Slang 1.0 for iOS, a free language app for learning Cuban slang. It ships with eight slang terms.

ArcDNA is offering College TA, its free time management app for iOS devices. It allows students to manage not only their courses and assignments, but also their extracurricular activities and jobs.

CobbySoft Media has served up ComicBooth, a $2.99, real time comic effect app for iOS. It turns your photos into “comic book” panels.

Frozen Equilibrium is a free iPhone puzzle game. Here’s how the game is described: “The Great Balance is lost. You need to level ice blocks to restore the Equilibrium. But there is a hidden bond between them. So you cant press one without rising another blocks. Free version with 25 levels and full with 100 levels in total.”

Have you ever seen a ghost? Spotted a UFO? Had a run-in with Bigfoot? Had an out-of-body or other paranormal experience? Now you can view other’s Real paranormal stories and tell the world your story with True Tales Of The Paranormal on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The $0.99 app lets you view, share and discuss paranormal stories, images, sounds, and videos.

Fondetti Guides has published Unofficial Guide — Gun Bros Edition for the iPhone and iPad. The $0.99 app is loaded with tips, cheats, strategy, tactics and advice designed to help gamers level up faster, earn more Xplodium and generate more bucks for weapon and armor purchases.

Blue Onion Soft, has unleashed Fly Bird HD 1.0 for the iPhone and iPad. Here’s how the free game is described: “In the orchard with little cute pigs, naughty birds are stealing the foods of the pigs! Send away naughty birds before they fully occupy the branches! Featuring various special effects and fabulous fun items are waiting for you in Fly Bird! Fly Bird HD 1.0 is a puzzle and arcade game where you drive out the birds on the branch.”