TeamViewer (, has announced new versions of its iPhone and iPad apps that provide support for transferring any file from an iOS mobile device to a Mac, Windows or Linux system.

When users want access to important documents, presentations or programs while on the go, they can nowtransfer, save and process them with the app of their choice, and those files even remain available when internet access isn’t, says Holger Felgneer, TeamViewer general manager. The new capability makes IT support and administration jobs easier ,as well, he adds.

For example, with TeamViewer’s new iOS app, updates, patches and upgrades can now be transferred to a client’s computer via iPhone and installed directly. In addition to the benefits provided to the business community, individual users can also now instantly access pictures, videos or music any time and transfer them to and from their iPhone or iPad.

TeamViewer is always completely free for private users. More info is available at .