Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

FeiPhone has announced PDF Printer 1.0, a productivity tool exclusively for the iPad. The US$5.99 app gives users the power to transform any file into PDF format and share the right from their Apple tablet. With PDF Printer users are free to print almost any type of document, ranging from Word documents to text pages and almost everything in between, on the go anywhere and anytime.

Beam Speech Solutions has announced Beam Voyo 1.0 for the iPhone. It’s a $1.99, in-one automatic speech recognition solution for social networking and communications. Beam Voyo enables users to post updates to Facebook and Twitter, and send text messages and emails using just their voice. The application also recognizes common commands.

Caesarstone has introduced a new, free iPhone built to inspire and assist in designing any interior space. It’s intended for the use of both consumers, looking for creative ideas and information while renovating their homes, and architects and designers using it as part of their professional tool kit.

Bradley Petrik has launched Bucket Brigade for the iOS. The $0.99 game throws the player into the shoes of a fire fighting crew, and challenges them to throw buckets of water onto a constantly growing fire to put it out.

Bitongo has debuted Fontify 1.0, a free font sketching app for the iPhone and iPad. The app was designed from the ground up focusing on the social element of sketch evolution.

Happy hiker meets the meanest sheep in the mountains in Yodel-Oh!, a $0.99 iOS app app. If you’ve ever thrown a dart, tossed a ball or ringed a bottle at the local county fair, you know the fun of the old-fashioned boardwalk skill games. Wth Yodel-Oh!, Spinlight Studio is bringing it back, in an app that reproduces the old tin-style carnie games.

Christopher Waite has brewed Coffee Cellar 1.0 for iOS devices. The $2.99 lifestyle app was created for budding coffee connoisseurs. Coffee Cellar enables coffee lovers to record, compare and share coffee with friends. Users can create their own customizable coffee cellar with a variety of icons to choose from, choose their own tasting notes to compare coffee flavors, add photos, search by flavor, region, rating, and more.

ComboApp has unleashed Hippie Hippo 1.0, a $0.99 arcade adventure game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Players are thrown into the skates of Hippie the Hippo as he charges through the arctic pushing every Cow Ballerina off of the ice into the frigid ocean around them.

Pixani Games says its first game, Reflection Connection, is now available both as a universal app and for the iPhone/iPod touch. It’s a puzzle game that takes place on a square board surrounded by gems. The object is to place mirrors on the board to connect all pairs of matching gems with colorful beams of light. As more beams are created, less room is left for new ones, so some planning is often required. The iPhone version ($0.99) supports board sizes up to 8×8 while the iPad version ($1.99) provides ample space for larger board sizes.

Dr. Seuss’s There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! has been published as an Oceanhouse Media digital book (omBook) for Apple and Android devices. Offered at the introductory price of $2.99, the omBook takes readers on a journey inside a young boy’s house that he shares with unusual creatures.

Based on the popular PBS television series Antiques Roadshow, the new hidden object iOS game includes 30 locations with hundreds of antique items. The player guides Julia, a history teacher hired at an antiques shop, through an adventure of lost items and photos as she pieces together the story behind the shop.  As Julia finds the objects, a backstory unfolds revealing its historical significance. Antiques Roadshow: Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures costs $4.99.

Namco Bandai has brought Toss the Ball for iOS devices. The $0.99 game is a carnival-themed title featuring a combination of racetrack and skeeball-style games.