Kenaxis Creative has dropped the price of its flagship software to US$49 along with releasing Kenaxis 3.3, the latest update to their real-time audio performance software. You can also get the software as part of the $59 Kenaxis bundle that includes Kenaxis Surround and Kenaxis Visualizer.

Designed for performing and composing, Kenaxis is used by musicians worldwide for practices as diverse as electroacoustic works, noise, ambient, glitch, soundscapes, live looping, film scores, theatre and DJing. Version 3.3 adds multitrack recording options, tight integration with the SoftStep controller and new loop syncing possibilities.

Kenaxis 3.3 is loaded with the software’s trademark Granular Synthesis tools, a natural sounding freeze and time stretching algorithm, six loopers, delay and filter effects and more. You can take advantage of any MIDI gear, iPads, iPhones, Joysticks, or the SoftStep to control all the parameters.

Kenaxis is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 and higher. For educational discounts contact Kenaxis Creative (