Acme Made ( has announced new safeguard solutions for tablets, eReaders, and this the iPad 2.

The Orikata (pictured) is an US$49.99 case, inspired by Japanese origami. Featuring a clever flip port, it doesn’t cover the rear-facing camera of the iPad 2. It sports a soft microfiber liner and will soon be available in vegan-friendly polyurethane leather.
The $59.99 InfiniteAngle case allows unlimited angles for viewing and typing on your iPad 2. Using a smart strap element, it adjusts to the user’s desire all while storing your iPad 2. Using vegan-friendly materials, including a velvet lining, the InfiniteAngle protects the tablet without blocking the rear-facing camera.

The $24.99 Skinny Sleeve allows fully padded protection including a sewn-in screen guard. It’s designed for those looking for fully padded protection without the bulk.