Samsung failed to convince a German court to hear oral arguments before issuing an injunction in favor of Apple banning sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in most European Union countries, reports “Bloomberg” (

On July 29 Samsung on July 29 filed a “protective brief” as part of the dispute it has with Apple over the design of its device, the Dusseldorf Regional court said in an e-mailed statement. On Aug. 4, Apple filed a 44-page motion seeking the injunction. While judges took Samsung’s arguments into account, they ruled for Apple, the court said.

Apple won the injunction Aug. 9 banning sales of Samsung’s tablet in all European countries except the Netherlands. Apple contends Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablet computer “slavishly copy” the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is also seeking a court order to block sales in the U.S. until a trial can be held on patent-infringement claims there. In Australia, Samsung has agreed not to introduce a version of the Galaxy tablet computer until a lawsuit Apple filed there is resolved, notes “Bloomberg.”

On Thursday Samsung filed a motion to lift the EU ban. The court scheduled a hearing in the case for Aug. 25.