LogMeIn has launched vpn.net (http://vpn.net/) for the Mac, as well as Windows systems.

Using the company’s VPN service, LogMeIn Hamachi, anyone from consumers and gamers to IT professionals and business owners can use vpn.net to create new VPNs and extend LAN-like network connectivity to mobile users, distributed teams, friends and family.

LogMeIn Hamachi can network Mac OS X and Windows computers in any configuration. A client for Linux-based systems is now in beta.

To create a new VPN, users can go to vpn.net, download Hamachi onto Mac and Windows based desktops, name their network, and set a password. To add other Macs and PCs to the network point colleagues, clients and other users to vpn.net, and provide them with the network name and password. An optional web-based console for managing Hamachi networks is available at LogMeIn.com.

Use of vpn.net to set up and manage Hamachi VPNs is free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, Hamachi is US$199/year for networks up to 256 computers per network.