A note to those in iT: iPhones require less support than Androids and BlackBerrys, according to ClickFox (http://www.clickfox.com), a company that analyzes customer experience data to identify problems.

ClickFox analyzed the support calls related to smartphones received by the North American carriers, and after factoring out the questions related to billing and carriers’ various plans, it found that iPhones cost less to support than Android devices and BlackBerrys, according to “Infoworld” (http://macte.ch/ELLEq).

ClickFox analytics director Lauren Smith told “InfoWorld” that BlackBerry users cost North American carriers in aggregate US$46 million more a year to support than iPhone users, and Android users costing $97 million more a year.

Why? It more often takes multiple agents to solve a BlackBerry or Android user’s problem, which means calls must be transferred, or the issue ends up taking multiple discussions to resolve. By contrast, iPhone users’ problems are typically handled in just one session. At an average cost of $4 per user for the extra help, that means about 11.5 million BlackBerry incidents needed additional assistance — and 24 million Android incidents, notes “InfoWorld.”