Orb Audio has launched the Mini-T, a Class T amplifier for use with computers, televisions, iPods and most mobile devices.

The Mini-T allows consumers to use high quality home speakers instead of “poorly built, questionable sounding computer speakers,” says Ethan Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Orb Audio. By pairing the Mini T with Orb’s award-winning speakers, consumers now have a simple, elegant audio solution that looks as good as it sounds, he adds.

The Mini-T is based on legendary T-Class amplifier technology, known for its audiophile sound quality and low harmonic distortion (just .04%). It’s also small, measuring six inches wide, one and a quarter inches high, and five inches deep. Finished in charcoal gray, with a black gloss front, the Mini T complements any of the six available Orb speaker colors.

Available as a standalone product for US$88, the Mini-T can also be purchased as a package with two Orb speakers for $299, a savings of $29. More info can be found at http://www.orbaudio.com .