The new SoundPOD Wearable AAC System from FRS Custom Solutions ( has been developed to help those who have difficulty with speech output and offers a low-cost augmentative alternative communication device. The wearable SoundPOD can wirelessly connect to an iPod or iPad converting off the shelf consumer grade electronics into augmentative communication systems for those who have difficulties generating speech.

“Besides the tremendous communication possibilities the SoundPOD Wearable AAC System affords to those in need, it offers some revolutionary innovations,” says Paul Forbes, president of Forbes Rehab Services. “For instance, the SoundPOD speaker is about the size of a credit card and can be worn on a neck lanyard, underneath clothing, allowing the voice output to discretely come from the user’s upper body rather than the handheld device. This helps the listener to focus on the person rather than the handheld or mounted medical device.”

The iPod and iPad based SoundPOD uses AAC apps, which are fully customizable to a person’s communication needs and utilize both word and phrase prediction. Additionally, the SoundPOD allows users to benefit from other forms of communication beyond voice output such as emailing, text messaging, and instant messaging, says Forbes. Students and educators will also benefit from the low cost educational apps available through the iTunes store, he adds.

The SoundPOD was specifically designed for those having speech challenges as well as movement restrictions. The system can purportedly be utilized even if hand/finger dexterity issues are present. The breakaway neck lanyard uses a single handed quick-release; when removed, the SoundPOD can magnetically attach to the iPod or iPad creating an all-in-one solution.

Users can attach the iPod based system to their wrist, arm, or belt for hands free portability of their communication system. Contact FRS Custom Solutions for pricing options.