Quark is shipping Quark Publishing System 9, the new release of Quark’s dynamic publishing platform for automated publishing to print, web, e-reader, mobile, and tablet devices. It works with Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher.

The new version offers enhanced automation for publishing eBooks and multi-page documents, customizable workflows for the creation of media and business documents, fully supports the new capabilities of QuarkXPress 9 and QuarkCopyDesk 9, and delivers updates to Web Hub for content creators working remotely and externally.

With Quark Publishing System, customers are already able to create and publish custom-branded apps with interactive content to the iPad. Quark Publishing System 9 now supports automated digital publishing from XML to the ePUB format. The capability to create intelligent, structured content using XML allows content to be easily reused and repurposed dynamically for automated publishing across multiple documents, channels, and formats, according to PG Bartlett, senior vice president of product management for Quark.

Quark Publishing System 9 enhances workflow functionality to extend support for different types of documents, projects, and assets through a new feature called “Collections,” which are groups of related assets that can share one or more workflows, automatic routing rules, Job Jackets, users and groups, and revision settings. Collections allow users to organize assets in an n-level directory structure according to business needs.

Quark Publishing System 9 enhances support of dynamic layout of tables eliminating the need for manual intervention to automatically publish annual reports, financial statements, and other documents that use tabular information. The publishing platform can now automatically create tables and automatically handle tables that span more than one page.

Quark Publishing System 9 also allows for multiple sections within any journal or publication to be worked on independently as a project, which then can be automatically merged into one single publication.

Web Hub is a module of Quark Publishing System that allows external content creators and editors to work remotely from a web browser. The interface of Web Hub in Quark Publishing System 9 has been overhauled to provide a more intuitive and productive experience, including the ability to browse through the directory structure, says Bartlett. The updates also provide editing enhancements.

Quark Publishing System is fully compatible with QuarkCopyDesk 9, the application that allows writers, editors, reviewers, and other non-designers to collaborate on a layout from the page designer’s perspective. QuarkCopyDesk now supports 17 user interface languages, including Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and European Portuguese; allows users to create new articles from templates; gives more control for overriding local formatting while applying style sheets; provides Job Ticket support; and supports the .docx file format of Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010.

Through QuarkCopyDesk, Quark Publishing System also supports advanced design automation functionality introduced with QuarkXPress 9. To read more about Quark Publishing System 9, go to http://macte.ch/foeqc .