Dracoventions has announced 2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer 2.5 for FileMaker Pro. It’s an update of the FileMaker printer plug-in that can individually control every printer setting in the Windows Print and Print Setup, dialog along with similar options in the Mac OS X print dialog.

Version 2.5 adds OS X Lion compatibility and the ability to set the two-sided printing option on FileMaker Pro on the Mac. (The rest of the 2empowerFM plug-in family has also been tested to be Lion compatible.)

2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer 2.5 is a free upgrade for those who purchased the plug-in within the last year. New Hands-Free Printer licenses start at US$89 for a single user; upgrades after a year are half price. Developer (redistribution) licenses are also available. Fully functional, 30-day demo copies can be downloaded at the Draconventions web site (http://macte.ch/9L2us) with no sign-up required.