LogMeIn — the developer behind the mobile remote access app, LogMeIn Ignition — has unveiled a new service that helps organizations enable and manage secure access to corporate computers and data from personal devices entering the workplace.  

Starting with the iPad and iPhone, the new service pairs access to applications, files and important data with control of users and their mobile devices. As a result, organizations can implement policies to control what’s being accessed, by whom, and from what device, while providing device owners with mobile access benefits far beyond simple email and calendar functions, says Andrew Burton, LogMeIn vice president of Access & Management.

A preview of the access control service is now available with general availability to follow. The preview is currently restricted to iOS endpoint devices but control over access from other platforms, including desktop computers and Android, is in the works.

Delivered through LogMeIn’s management suite, LogMeIn Central, and taking advantage of the remote access capabilities in LogMeIn Ignition, organizations can grant or restrict user access to individual computers, authorize specific iOS devices for users or groups, and block or discontinue access from any user or device.  The services are cloud-based and scalable, eliminating the need for on-premise deployments and making it possible to quickly and easily start managing any number of devices, according to Burton.

Individuals interested in a preview of the access control service for iOS can sign up at https://secure.logmein.com/welcome/totalmobility/.  Additional information is available on LogMeIn’s product blog, http://B.LogMe.In.