Resolvica has announced the BE Write HD 1.0 for the iPad. It’s available for US$3.99 for the Apple App Store.

It’s an app for creating blog posts, emails, and other formatted documents. BE Write is a WYSIWYG HTML editor (no knowledge of HTML is needed). There’s no need to toggle between the HTML view and the display view.

BE Write’s drawing feature lets you include handwriting in blog posts and emails. This means a person could include a few lines of text or an image in a blog or email, and then draw an arrow, underlining, or some other image to highlight a particular feature in the text or image. 

With BE Write, users can create templates such as custom signatures or frequently used email messages that can be saved and used repeatedly, saving time and typing.

BE Write has a built-in browser, a drawing editor, emoticons, and syncing to Google Docs. It also features a collection of “canned English” — frequently used expressions that can be easily inserted into a page.