Posted by Greg Mills

The World Wide Web Consortium, of which Apple is a major player is upset that Apple appears, so far, to be reserving the rights to certain HTML5 code related to security in loading widgets. The consortium wants Apple to grant a free license for the group to include the technology in HTML5 standards.

Apple hasn’t responded to the request fast enough for the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) so they are seeking proof of “prior art” which would invalidate Apple’s patents. When you get a patent there has to be novel elements to the claims or the patent can’t be issued. If a patent has already been issued and anyone can provide clear evidence that the invention was known prior to the filing date, the patent is dead meat.

The W3C has taken the situation public and is asking for proof that the core technology Apple is claiming was in use prior to the filing dates of Apple’s patent applications. See: for specific information. Apple has not commented on the situation, but generally is a good player in the HTML standards community.