By Greg Mills

Kodak has claimed Apple and RIM have violated patents that allow you to preview pictures on a screen before the picture is taken. Considering the wide spread use of LCD screens on video cameras and still cameras in common use the attack Apple and RIM have taken is to consider the Kodak patent claims invalid.

The case has been bounced around in the US International Trade Commission and the courts for a while now. Recently it appeared Kodak had won and their stock went up in anticipation of Apple and RIM paying Kodak upwards of US $1 Billion to settle the case. The defendants got a reversal and the case has gone back to reconsider the invalid claim a fresh. Kodak stock gave up all it gained and then some dipping as much as 19% in immediate trading. This make a settlement for chump change likely.

Apple wins some and loses some but with the army of lawyers they have at their disposal and $US 65 Billion in the bank, you don’t fool around with Steve Jobs’ legal team. They play to win. RIM will actually go to court on this issue August 1, if it isn’t settled before that. Most observers think Kodak will settle rather than gamble on taking the case to court where they could lose completely and have their patents “shredded” by the court.