Mohu, a supplier of HDTV antennas, says they’re endorsing a recent study of 2,000 broadband users , cited in a June 15 “New York Times” article, which “found that people who use Netflix to stream Internet video to their televisions are twice as likely to cancel, or slim down, their cable TV as they were a year ago.” 

The Mohu Leaf antenna allows those consumers to “complete the picture” and still receive local news, weather, popular network shows, as well as their favorite major sporting events like the NFL, in HD quality over-the-air rather than through cable boxes or satellite setups, says Mohu President Mark Buff. The Leaf is available for US$44 online at, on and will be rolling out to retail stores nationwide this summer and fall.
The Leaf is paper-thin and can be hung on a wall behind a picture frame or bookcase or just about anywhere.  The Leaf was developed by a team at Mohu that works with its sister company, Greenwave Scientific.