Propellerhead Software has released Disco School ReFill (US$99) for Reason, the company’s computer based award-winning music production system.

The Reason Disco School ReFill ( library explores the classic sounds that came out of three of disco’s biggest capitals: New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. It offers six songs in three different keys, from simple two-chord progressions to more complex themes.
All sounds of Reason Disco School are sourced from the complete songs; each composed, arranged and produced for Reason Disco School. The musical elements — bass, drums, guitars, strings, keyboards, percussion and horns — are provided in Propellerhead’s tempo-independent REX format, and easily fit into any modern club track or old-school hip hop production, or as a starting point for song creation.
Included in the ReFill iso a collection of multi-sampled drums for use with Reason’s NN-XT sampler and Combinator device. Additionally, for club music, Disco School comes with electronic drums, claps and toms designed by electronic music artist, DJ and producer Sharooz.

On top of all the disco grooves and loops, Reason Disco School provides a collection of instruments based on the ElectroMechanical ReFill (a free downloadable ReFill for any registered Reason owner). Reverb and distortion effects are included, as well as “needle drop” snippets of sampled grooves to round out the library.