Kensington Computer Products Group ( has announced a new wireless mobile trackball and an update to its free TrackballWorks software.

The US$59.99 Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball is built to fit the everyday working style of mobile professionals on the go, says Dan Torres, senior director of Global Product Management at Kensington. The centered-ball design, recommended by ergonomists, delivers more precision and comfort than conventional ball-under-the-thumb structured trackballs, he adds. Kensington’s trackball is built to accommodate either right-or left-handed use and incorporates both a storable nano receiver for travel and 2.4GHz technology for optimal wireless performance.

The Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball sports a mid-size ball that snaps in and out of place for cleaning, buttons and a Touch Scrolling solution for navigating documents quickly and smoothly. It provides wireless operation via an USB dongle and is Mac OS X and Windows compatible.
Kensington TrackBallWorks Software — which helps customize the user experience with Kensington’s trackballs — has been updated to version 1.1. New features include:
° Inertial scrolling (Momentum scrolling) — Touch and scroll through pages of content with a glide.

° Paste templates — Users can create a pop-up menu with up to 10 paste text options.

° More clicks capability — You can create advanced click capabilities for your trackball by using the command builder.

Kensington TrackBallWorks software is available for free download at .