A Sanford Bernstein analyst, Stacy Rasgon, says the iPad will dominate the global tablet market “indefinitely,” reports “Know Your Mobile” (http://macte.ch/3OOy6).

Rasgon points out in a 49-page document on the subject that Apple managed to sell 19.5 million iPads in its first year of availability. That’s twice the amount of netbooks and three times the number of iPhones sold in the same period of time.

“Apple has created a company the size of EMC in one year,” says Rasgon. “We have never seen such a high purchasing intent for a new category in the past.”

An interesting aside: “Know Your Mobile” says previous Sanford Bernstein research has indicated that 20% of consumers plan to purchase a tablet in the next 12 months and that computer manufacturers shouldn’t be “too worried about PC cannibalization” as the affect of tablets on this market should be minimal.”